FW17 Wonderment 


It's a dangerous time for a dangerous planet. We might be living in a point of no return, but we're using creativity as a response to transformation, even if it's too late.

This collection is influenced by traveling, experiencing and absorbing different cultures. Wonderment is a curious spirit, defined by the enchantment for another, for sharing and exchanging.

Translating wonder, bright and rich colors, inspired by the landscape of mountains in South America, Wonderment inputs, absolves and shares gratitude.

Mixing wool and woven fabrics, embracing embroidery and hand drawn treads, evolving elements we're curious about, and working on them in a crafty way, Kolovrat will present a time to breathe and feel the colors, tastes and feelings, in order to spread the happiness in our lives.

By telling stories and transmitting messages, we allow the mystery from within to trespass. Using travelling as an element to influence our perspective on a dress code, multiculturalism pops up not only as the main element but also as the style we pursue to inspire.

It is now time to create a new condition, and so, an all season collection will be presented in order to entice others. 

Coming from the abstract and applying geometry to a wide figure, we assembled comfortable shapes with a crafty texture in order to create a mixed line silhouette.