Theme of the Season: Locality

We believe the possibilities of the unknown are all connected. That’s why we’re driven by heart, by people, daily noises, the way we and everyone else breathe this urban jungle’s gravity, the life and times. So we looked through the cracks, slowed the pace down and found the most amazing poem oozing. A live one, made of images, of sounds, made of daily routines.

We found the heartbeat that surrounds us here in this beautiful corner of Lisbon: “Locality”. A concept as an homage to those who are part of our everyday lives, the store owners next door, the ladies in the corner café, the grocers, the usual passersby. “Locality” is our love letter to Lisbon, our Manifest to secure its legacy, its people’s legacy. A condensing form of nostalgia through our contribution, our gratitude to those who, like us, are part of the frame of something unique. A symbiotic exchange to break barriers and get us closer to those around us. 

The Manifest
is a place of meeting, a place of inclusion, a place of sharing and self-discovery.
Kolovrat is to feel a connection, is a natural moment felt in the complicity of the local.
Kolovrat is a contribution for the local and the culture of that same local.
Kolovrat is a spontaneity that comes from a smaller scale, and that is cherished to grow.
Kolovrat is to cultivate the soil where we can be and where we grow.
Kolovrat is an energy that comes from and goes to what we believe in. exchange to break barriers and get us closer to those around us.

We believe in it, we believe in proximity, we believe in energy, inclusion. In love.

This is who we are. This is who we’ve been. This is Kolovrat.

Text by: Tiago Neto 

Credits: art direction and photography by @padrenuesstro & @joninator