Theme of the Season: Reinvention


Any act of reinvention transposes within itself a need for liberation. When we reinvent ourselves, everything that no longer makes sense to our actual self is released and the energy until then wasted, channels itself onto new paths, new personal constructions. A new year, a new chapter, suggests that we fill ourselves with new energy and we free ourselves from all the dead weight that we consciously or unconsciously drag with us.

In nature everything renews itself, in a cycle that tends to be closed. So do we as natural beings, need periodic reinventions, new challenges, new relationships with ourselves. In order for reinvention to occur, we must create space in ourselves. But how are we able to generate reinvention without introspection, without purification? As rain on earth, tears wash both soul and sight, allowing us to see.  

One piece of clothing can be the driving stimulus of change, the beginning of a self-discovery journey. The touch of the wearable has the power to arouse feelings and imagination. It takes on as the driving force that makes us feel different, which, through its agitating action, contributes to the reinvention of ways of seeing and being. It's like reading a new book that inspires us in new ways and drives us to discover a new part of ourselves that we never knew was always there. It is like entering a space, smelling or savoring something new, moments that infer in us changes that transform us, impelling us on a re-inventive journey with no return.

Perception changes, we change, the world changes.  



Credits: art direction by @maisonartc model @zupertwist from Karacter Models Agency Lisbon

Lidija Kolovrat