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“I want to bring inspiration to the ones that experience my work.”


Kolovrat is a brand that seeks to be an expression of the cultural vibe of a hectic society. Our creation process is like a ritual where we tune ourselves with the energy of the times. It’s an undressing of preconceptions that require a personal involvement with each piece of clothing that is being created. This is why our “atelier” is a living organism, always changing and always in constant movement.

To be part of a culture is to be socially responsible for the impact that is created by us. As a local brand, we seek to be conscientious of the real impact created in our surroundings and in everyone we somehow touch.

Kolovrat was established in 1990 and since then that it is rooted in the savoir faire of tailor made clothes. We like to dedicate special attention to the singularity of each of our clients, in a specific and prolonged way.  

Materials are very important for us. With natural materials as a starting point, we like to explore new shapes, new methods and new possibilities that bring to our clothes a bit of boldness and a refined sense of humor.

We like to create unique and surprising garments. To dress a Kolovrat garment is to be in touch with the true self, we wish to transform it into an act of self-empowerment.

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"I can dress you on the outside but you need to undress in the inside"


Bosnian born designer with a background in cinema and fashion, Lidija Kolovrat, defines her language through deconstruction, urban culture and arts, being recognized as a prominent artist in Portugal and regularly exhibiting video-art and installations in galleries and museums.

As the head designer of Kolovrat, Lidija’s personal vision and dynamic are materialized in the unique fashion collections she creates and seasonally shows at the Lisbon Fashion Week.

Her true passion is to “dress people”, taking the time needed to understand the present cultural environment so she can create meaningful garments to all of those who seek  a differentiated style, in tune with their true, inner self.